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In 2010 Lynn C. Miller and Lisa Lenard-Cook founded ABQ Writers Co-op to promote community for New Mexico writers. We offered classes and writing retreats and, in 2011, created a literary magazine, bosque. Sandias in snow & clouds Bosque Press began as the publisher for bosque magazine, co-edited by Miller and Lenard-Cook through 2015.
Lynn C. Miller and Lynda Miller are the publishers of Bosque Press, offering bosque, now in its 6th year, varied publishing projects (stay tuned for ABQ InPrint, an occasional outlet for art and literature), and community for writers––including retreats and community events, and launches for each issue of bosque.  
Our aim as publishers is to offer an outlet for creative writing, art, and photography with a national scope and a southwestern flavor.
For more information on the literary activities of the press, contact lynn@bosquepress.com; for art and design contact lynda@bosquepress.com.


Creating community in New Mexico for writers everywhere